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Sport East Rd.,Houjie
Town ,Dongguan,
Guangdong, China.

Attn:  Coco Shen/Dellwei Yu
T e l: 86-769-85898468
F a x:  86-769-85898467
Email: sales@adv-cn.com
MSN: advactivate@hotmail.com

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Time:2006/7/28 20:40:13   给Jessica写信 访问Jessica的个人主页 Jessica的QQ是:打死都不说! Jessica来自United States 只有管理员才可以进行回复操作 只有管理员才可以进行删除操作 
Can you tell us the difference between the poly dome and dome sheet?

Administrators Reply:www.adv-cn.com.
It is our website,you can visit it to get more products information.Or you can add my MSN as friend so that we can contact on line.Our MSN is advactivate@hotmail.com.


Time:2006/7/27 14:33:21   给Jessica写信 访问Jessica的个人主页 Jessica的QQ是:打死都不说! Jessica来自China 只有管理员才可以进行回复操作 只有管理员才可以进行删除操作 
Do you have 5mm triangle snap metal dome without feet,and the force is 550g?

Administrators Reply:OK,we have the specific domes,but please tell the quantity so that we can send the samples out.


Time:2005/10/13 16:15:24   给Jack写信 访问Jack的个人主页 Jack的QQ是:123526160 Jack来自世界一角 只有管理员才可以进行回复操作 只有管理员才可以进行删除操作 
I want to have a catalogue?

Administrators Reply:Thanks for your attention!
We'll send the cataloge as your address based in your register information.


Time:2005/10/13 16:13:01   给Rose写信 访问Rose的个人主页 Rose的QQ是:123526160 Rose来自广东 只有管理员才可以进行回复操作 只有管理员才可以进行删除操作 
I'm a newcomer I text the board!

Administrators Reply:OK. Welcome to our new website.
If you have anything about the BBS, or our products such as metal dome arrays, poly dome, metal dome and precision hardware, please feel free to contact us!

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